Helping your lawyer help you. Tip 2 of 10.

Watch your tongue! (and your pen/keyboard)

Angry? Frustrated? Wanting to scream at your lender or creditors?…. Please refrain.

It isn’ that I expect individuals to have clinical disconnect from their situations. Rather, I expect clients to defer their emotional explosions to the hands of their hired guns; the attorney. A majority of my job is taking emotion away from a situation and boiling the issues down to their bare facts. Sometimes this can cause frustration with a homeowner or debtor. However, by reducing a complex and emotional situation to the facts, it becomes easier to facilitate negotiations or trouble-free discharges. More importantly, removing emotion from the situation prevents angry/frustrated emails, letters, phone calls from ever being made.

Sending that email without care can destroy settlement discussions or negotiations. In some cases, publicizing your anger can subject you to additional civil litigation through defamation, libel, or slander. It is a road that isn’t worth traveling.

Instead, use your attorney as a punching bag. If we didn’t have thick skin, we couldn’t be in this business. Send us the emails you need to vent all day long. Just make sure to note that you are venting and not upset with our services (we take quality services very seriously and want to keep you satisfied).

I’m not offering anything but common sense in this blog. However, too often it is common sense to people only in hindsight. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this post. Don’t make the mistake of letting your passions take control. Instead defer to the professional you have hired to fight on your behalf.

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