Mortgage Modifications

Wilson Law Group, PLC can help you modify your existing home mortgage with your current lender by negotiating new terms on your behalf. Modifications are made when borrowers can no longer make their monthly mortgage payments due to financial hardship or an increase in the loan payment.

We Prepare, Package, Negotiate and Settle the Modification for You.

Prepare: We conduct a comprehensive interview with you to ensure that you qualify. Your lender may tell you that you do not qualify for a specific reason, but that may not be true. We evaluate a variety of issues to see if we can build a case to warrant a modification.

Package: We collect the documentation and arrange the package to present the most compelling case for you. Although we cannot guarantee specific results, for each case is unique, we know how to avoid the common pitfalls that prevent the most favorable modification.

Negotiate: The lender often has the best interest of the institution in mind when they present you terms for modification. We negotiate with both the legal and servicing departments; we can ensure that our arguments for the most favorable modification will be reviewed. We may also facilitate a forensic audit if you desire and if the situation calls for it in order to present a more compelling case. This is a separate service, not available with every file.

Settle: We make sure that we have negotiated the most favorable modification for you prior to agreeing to settlement terms. We deliver the modification terms to you for signature and request that new payment terms commence 30-60 days from acceptance. This process can take anywhere from 45-120 days to complete.

Lenders look at a loan modification on a case by case basis. Based on your current financial situation and hardship we are able to negotiate changes of your interest rate, loan term, mortgage principle balance and hence your loan payment enabling you to stay in your home rather than face the hardship of Foreclosure. All, while bringing your loan current, and saving you money.

Think of a Loan Modification as the opposite of qualifying for a mortgage; Instead of proving how much you can borrow, we prove how little you should be paying! And all without the huge added cost of a refinance!