Mortgage Law

At Wilson Law Group, PLC we will use our knowledge and experience of setting thousand of real estate closings, to explain the costs, rights and obligations of different types of mortgages and guide you through the mortgage process. When applying for a mortgage loan, the government requires the lender provide disclosure through a number of legal documents like the Truth in Lending Statement to ensure the borrowers understand the different options and costs. These documents contain terms like APRs and Yield Spread Premiums which are often difficult to understand. You generally will not have an opportunity to review these documents until you are at the closing table and have little choice but to sign and take what comes. We will help you can make and informed decision regarding which mortgage is best so that you do not obtain a mortgage that does not fit your income and needs.

A mortgage attorney represents you and has a fiduciary duty to put your interests first. Utilizing Wilson Law Group, PLC to advise you on the mortgage process can gain you protection, peace of mind, and counsel you can trust.