Strategic Real Estate Investing

Realtors have come to rely on The Wilson Law Group, PLC for sound advice and guidance in structuring the transaction. Too often, Realtors overlook the need for an attorney in the transaction, and realize only after its too late that their client’s should have an attorney in their corner. The Realtors in our network come to our firm so that they can rest assured that the closing will go smoothly. Realtors realize that the last thing a client remembers about a transaction is at the closing and they know at The Burgess Law Firm, P.A., they won’t be disappointed.

Here are some ways that we help our Realtors:

Drafting Contracts and Addenda
Consulting on all contractual issues
Preparing Mortgage Short Sale Documentation
Mediating Contract Disputes
Holding Escrow Funds
Conducting the Closing and Issuing the Title Insurance Policy
Representation of Buyers and Sellers
Handling Escrow Disputes
Realtor Representation