Residential Real Estate

As soon as you decide to purchase or sell a residence, contact our firm to determine the best method to structure the transaction.

Buyers: We assist our clients from drafting contracts and amendments, consulting with the mortgage financing, handling escrows and deposits, mediating disputes, and closing the transaction. We coordinate with all parties involved in the real estate transaction including but not limited to:

Mortgage Brokers
Sellers Attorneys

Sellers: We assist our clients by drafting all documents necessary to convey and/or transfer title to the buyer. We verify the Buyers ability to close the transaction and monitor all contractual contingencies. Our firm verifies all taxes, mortgage payoffs, and association fees. We confirm all items on the HUD-1 settlement statement, and represent our clients in the closing. Any issues that arise in the transaction are handled promptly, and with our guidance, the closing will seem effortless.